Constitution of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania


The name of the organisation shall be the PAN AFRICANIST CONGRESS OF AZANIA, (hereinafter referred to as the PAC). COLOURS The colours of the PAC shall be Green, Black and Gold inserted against the background of a black map of Africa containing a Gold star sending the light of freedom and total liberation throughout the continent of Africa.


2.1 To unite and rally the African people into one national front on the basis of African Nationalism.

2.2 To fight for the overthrow of all forms of domination, including neo-colonial domination, for economic empowerment of the African people and for the implementation and maintenance of the right to self-determination of the African people , in a non-racial, and unitary state.

2.3 To work and strive for the establishment and maintenance of an Africanist Socialist democracy recognising the primacy of the material and spiritual interests of the Africans.

2.4 To promote the educational, cultural and economic advancement of the African people.

2.5 To propagate and promote the concept and ideology of Pan Africanism by promoting unity among the peoples of Africa and of African descent through the projection of the African personality.


3.1 Any South African who accepts the principles, programmes and discipline of the PAC shall be eligible for membership, provided that:

3.1.2 He/she is not a member of any other political organisation

3.1.3 In case where there is doubt whether a particular applicant for membership is so eligible, such an application shall be forwarded by the Branch Executive Committee to the NEC, together with the reasons for doubt, before the applicant is accepted or rejected. Once the NEC is satisfied that such an application is eligible for membership, the NEC shall issue such applicant, upon payment of the prescribed enrolment fee, a membership card after which the applicant shall be regarded as a member of the PAC

3.2 All members shall be supplied with membership cards.


4.1 Component structures are PAC organs dealing with certain segments of the population. They are guided and bound by the PAC constitution, policies and programmes.

4.2 The component structures shall have one representative in the National Working Committee of the PAC, except PAWO, which shall have two representatives.

4.3 For the purpose of this constitution and for as long as the Annual National Conference has not terminated such a membership, the following structures shall be deemed to be component structures of the PAC:

4.3.1 Pan Africanist Women's Organisation (PAWO),

4.3.2 Pan Africanist Students Organisation (PASO)

4.3.3 Pan Africanist Youth Organisation (PAYCO)

4.3.4 Pan Africanist Student Movement (PASMA)

4.3.5 APLA Veterans Association

4.3.6 Pan Africanist Labour Forum

4.4 The Chairpersons of the component structures shall head the departments of Women, Students and Youth Affairs in the PAC.


5.1 The National Congress shall be the supreme organ of the Organisation and shall lay down policies and programmes of the PAC and its decisions shall be binding on all members, components and organs of the PAC.

5.2 The Annual National Conference shall be held every 12 months and the Annual National Conference held in the year of elections of the NEC shall become the National Congress. The National Congress shall be held every third year from the last one.

5.3 The functions, duties and powers of the National Congress shall be supervisory, deliberative and determinative.

5.4 Branches which are in full compliance with their fees shall be entitled to be represented at the National Congress by one delegate for every twenty five members.

5.5 A special National Conference may be convened by the NEC if, in the opinion of the NEC, an emergency which warrants such a conference, has arisen or,

5.6 Upon receipt of a requisition signed by one third of the number of the branches represented at the previous National Congress, a special National Conference shall be called by the NEC in connection with the subject matter of the requisition within four weeks of such requisition by the Secretary General; provided that such a requisition is lodged with the Secretary General within a period of thirty (30) days after the last day of the previous congress.

5.7 At least eight weeks before the date of the holding of an Annual Conference, the NEC shall give notice of the date and place of such conference and shall circulate the agenda to all component structures and organs of the PAC.

5.8 If any province, region, branch, component structure or organ of the PAC wants to secure the inclusion of any specified item in the agenda of the Annual National Conference, a notice setting out such item on the agenda must be forwarded to the Secretary General at least six weeks before the date of the Annual National Conference. Upon receipt of such notice for inclusion of any item in the agenda, the NEC shall cause an amended agenda to be circulated to provinces regions, branches, component structures of the PAC.

5.9 Only provinces, regions, branches component structures and organs of the PAC and not individual members may send motions or proposed agenda items for determination at the Annual National Conference or Special National Conference.

5.10 The Annual National Conference shall consider and may adopt, amongst others, the following:

5.10.1 The Annual Presidential Address

5.10.2 Presidential Report

5.10.2 The Annual Report of the Secretary General and;

5.10.3 The Combined Annual Reports of the respective Secretaries of the NEC and Component structures

5.10.4 Audited Financial Statements and Accounts presented by the NEC.

5.10.5 Minutes of the previous conference/congress.

5.10.6 Reports from Component Structures

. 5.11 The National Congress shall elect the President, Deputy President, and members of the NEC tri-annually.


6.1 The National Congress shall be constituted as follows:

6.1.1 Delegates from branches are elected subject to the provisions of Section 5.4 here above.

6.1.2 All members of the NEC and all members of the shall have full delegate status.

6.1.3 There shall be one delegate for every 25 paid up members of a branch. Congress delegations shall be presented for accreditation by the Provincial Executive committees twenty one days before Congress/Conference to the office of the Secretary General.

6.2 No person shall be a delegate to National Congress/Annual Conference for more than one branch, region, component structure or organ of the PAC.

6.3 No person who is not in good standing in regard to enrolment or subscription fees shall be eligible as a delegate to the National Congress


7.1 The NEC shall, subject to the supervisory powers of the National Congress, be the highest executive, administrative and disciplinary authority within the PAC.

7.2 The NEC shall be constituted as follows:

7.2.1 The President

7.2.2 The Deputy President

7.2.3 The Secretary General

7.2.4 The Assistant Secretary General

7.2.5 The Secretary for Finance

7.2.6 The National Organiser

7.2.7 The Secretary for Publicity and Information

7.2.8 The Secretary for International Relations

7.2.9 The Secretary for Political and Pan African Affairs

7.2.10 The Secretary for Legal and Constitutional Affairs

7.2.11 The Secretary for Labour

7.2.12 The Secretary for Education and Human

7.2.13 The SecretarResourcesy for Culture Sports and Recreation, Science and Technology

7.2.14 The Secretary for Health

7.2.15 The Secretary for Economic Affairs and Development Planning, Trade, Commerce and Industry

7.2.16 The Secretary for Projects and Development, Minerals and Energy

7.2.17 The Secretary for Youth Affairs

7.2.18 The Secretary for Environmental Affairs and Tourism

7.2.19 The Secretary for Religious Affairs

7.2.20 The Secretary for Social Welfare

7.2.21 The Secretary for Local Government Housing and Civic Affairs

7.2.22 The Secretary for Transport

7.2.23 The Secretary for Land and Agricultural Affairs

7.2.24 The Secretary for Post and Telecommunication

7.2.25 Two members nominated by each component structure that shall become members of the NEC.

7.2.26 Provincial Chairpersons shall be ex officio members of the NEC

7.2.27 Secretary for Post and Telecommunication

7.2.28 A number of National Executive Members equal to the portfolios set out in paragraph

7.2.1 to 7.2.24 shall be elected at the National Congress by majority vote except two women who shall be nominated by PAWO and two PAYCO, two PASO and two PASMA members who shall be nominated by their respective component structures.


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