Statement Welcoming the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on the Treatment of Indians in South Africa, November 1950(4)

We welcome with deepest satisfaction the resolution adopted by an overwhelming majority of the United Nations General Assembly.

We welcome in particular the clause calling upon South Africa to suspend the operation of the Group Areas Act pending a settlement through Round Table talks before 10th April, 1951.

This Act, which is already in the process of operation, aims at expatriating all Asians and imposes further oppression on the African and Coloured people. It was enacted in utter disregard of the wishes of the Non-European people since they have no direct voice or vote in the councils of Government and in the teeth of their strong opposition throughout the country.

The voting on the resolution in the General Assembly shows clearly that Asia is no longer prepared to tolerate the stigma of inferiority and dishonour and that the Coloured and non-white peoples of the world will not put up with racial discrimination in any form anywhere.

The responsibility now lies with the Union Government; an attitude of defiance will not help South Africa. The path of wisdom dictates that Dr. Malan`s Government should lose no time in implementing the resolution.

The S.A.I.C. on behalf of the Indian community expresses its profound sense of gratitude to the member States of the United Nations for their endeavour to eliminate the demon of racialism from the face of the earth and assures them of its determination to cooperate fully with all sections of the South African population in the struggle for the realisation of the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

4 Press release of the South African Indian Congress, Johannesburg


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