"Algeria Honours Chief Luthuli"


From: South Africa Freedom News, Dar es Salaam, November 30, 1964

The University of Algiers has conferred an honorary Doctorate of Literature on Chief A.J. Luthuli, President-General of the ANC of South Africa.

The people of Algeria deserve many high honours in acknowledgement of their supreme contribution to the cause of freedom and human dignity. Their successful struggle against a powerful enemy was an achievement of vital importance for oppressed people everywhere in the world. And having fought colonial domination in Algeria, they know what is involved in the struggle against white domination in South Africa.

These considerations lend a special significance to the decision of the University of Algiers to name Chief A.J. Luthuli for a place of honour in the annals of the University and in the estimation of the world-wide community of nations.

This great gesture will be very deeply appreciated as much by Chief Luthuli as by all African people, their fellow-oppressed and their supporters in South Africa. It will be acclaimed in Africa and abroad. Perhaps the sole dissenting voice will be that of Verwoerd, amplified by loud and even rancorous albeit whispered protests from the naive and cynical. But Algeria's role in the fight for Africa's total liberation and Luthuli's part in that fight will be remembered by the peoples of Africa and the world long after the memory of Verwoerd and his flunkeys shall have ceased to disturb the minds of decent people everywhere.

Oliver R. Tambo
Deputy President-General
African National Congress of South Africa


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