Pamphlets and Leaflets

Date Title
01 Jun 1946 The Indian People in South Africa: Facts About the Ghetto Act
Pamphlet published by the South African Communist Party in June 1946 when the Indian people in South Africa launched the passive resistance campaign
01 Nov 1946 "We Are Marching On"
Foreword by Yususf Dadoo to a pamphlet, Five Months of Struggle: A Brief Account of the Passive Resistance Struggle from 13th of June to 13th of November 1946
01 Feb 1955 Call to the Congress of the People
Leaflet issued by the National Action Council of the Congress of the People, 1955
01 Apr 1961 Appeal To Students
Leaflet issued by the All-in African National Action Council, signed by Nelson Mandela
29 May 1961 Stay-At-Home
Leaflet issued by the National Action Council calling for a nationwide stay-at-home on 29, 30, 31 May 1961
01 Dec 1974 Vukani! Awake!
No.1 December 1974
01 Mar 1975 Vukani! Awake!
No.2. March 1975
08 Jul 1976 People of South Africa - The African National Congress Calls on You. Amandla Soweto!
Flyer distributed by 'leaflet bomb', Johannesburg, 8 July 1976
15 Dec 1976 The Struggle Continues! Victory is Certain!
Flyer distributed by 'leaflet bomb' Commemorating the Anniversary of the Formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe
16 Jun 1977 Let us Advance our Liberation Struggle
Leaflet distributed by 'leaflet bomb', Johannesburg, June 1977
16 Dec 1977 1978: Anti-Apartheid Year
Leaflet Distributed by 'Leaflet Bomb', Cape Town, December 1977
01 Aug 1980 "Boycott The SAIC!"
Article first published in Jana Shakti, an underground bulletin distributed amongst the Indian community, 1980
01 Sep 1985 Take the Struggle to the White Areas
Leaflet distributed inside South Africa in the latter half of 1985
01 Oct 1989 ANC Call to Black Soldiers and Police


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