Press Statements

Date Title
26 Sep 1946 Statement by Yusuf Dadoo on his Release from Prison
29 Sep 1946 Speech by Yusuf Dadoo at Mass Welcome Meeting in Johannesburg on Release from Prison
09 Mar 1947 "Three Doctors' Pact"
Joint Declaration of Cooperation" by Dr. A. B. Xuma, President of the African National Congress, Dr. G.M. Naicker, President of the Natal Indian Congress, and Dr. Y.M. Dadoo, President of the Transvaal Indian Congress
11 Mar 1947 Joint Statement of Dr. Yusuf M. Dadoo and Dr. G. M. Naicker, March 11, 1947
06 Jun 1947 Proposed Round Table Conference
Statement by Yusuf Dadoo at a press conference on return from India in June 1947
29 Feb 1948 Farewell Speech by Yusuf Dadoo on the Eve of his Imprisonment in 1948
26 Oct 1948 Statement by Yusuf Dadoo at Press Conference Held at India League
London, October 26, 1948
25 Jan 1949 Statement by Yusuf Dadoo at a Press Conference
London, January 25, 1949
21 May 1950 National Day of Protest, 1950
Issued by the National Executive Committee of the ANC at an emergency meeting on 21 May 1950
26 Jul 1950 Report of Emergency Meeting of the National Executive of the ANC
Issued by the Secretary-General of the ANC, 26 July 1950, initialled by Mandela
01 Nov 1950 Statement Welcoming the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on the Treatment of Indians in South Africa, November 1950
21 Nov 1950 Telegram from Yusuf Dadoo to Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Leader of the Indian Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly
Press statement by the South African Indian Congress, Johannesburg, 21 November 1950
22 May 1952 Statement Condemning the First Banning Orders under the Suppression of Communism Act, May 22, 1952
From: The Guardian, Cape Town, May 22, 1952
30 Aug 1952 We go to Action
Statement by Albert Lutuli on the Launching in Natal of the Defiance Campaign
01 Nov 1952 The Road To Freedom is Via the Cross
Public Statement by Albert Lutuli in November 1952 when Dismissed from Chieftainship for Refusing to Resign from the African National Congress
15 Jun 1953 Message by Albert Lutuli for the Observance of South Africa Freedom Day On June 26, 1953
Issued 15 June 1953
23 Dec 1954 Paul Robeson's Message to the Conference of the African National Congress
01 Feb 1955 Message to People of Western Areas
Johannesburg, February 1955
07 Apr 1955 Message to Asian-African Conference
Bandung, April 1955
25 Jun 1955 Message to the Congress of the People
June 1955
02 Sep 1955 Birthday Message to Dr. Yusuf M. Dadoo
01 Jan 1956 Message Sent by Albert Lutuli to Canon Collins in 1956
05 Jun 1956 A Reply Mr. Jordan K. Ngubane?s Attacks on the African National Congress
23 Aug 1956 Statement by Yusuf Dadoo on the Proclamation of Group Areas in Johannesburg, August 1956
03 Jun 1961 'General Strike'
Statement by Nelson Mandela on behalf of the National Action Council
26 Jun 1961 The Struggle is My Life
Press Statement by Nelson Mandela
26 Jun 1961 'The struggle is my life'
Press Statement Issued on 26 June 1961
10 Dec 1962 "Appeal for Action Against Apartheid", Statement issued jointly by Chief Albert J Luthuli and the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, 10 December 1962
Published by the United Nations at the request of the Special Committee against Apartheid in a pamphlet in tribute to Dr. King.
01 Apr 1964 Statement by Yusuf Dadoo to the Delegation of the United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid
London, April 1964
12 Jun 1964 Chief Lutuli's Statement on the Rivonia Trial
The following statement was issued by Chief Lutuli on June 12, 1964, when Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and six other leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment in the "Rivonia trial".
12 Jun 1964 Statement by Oliver Tambo at Press Conference in Dar Es Salaam concerning sentences in the Rivonia Trial
From: Spotlight on South Africa, Dar es Salaam, Volume 2, No. 24, June 15, 1964
30 Nov 1964 Algeria Honours Chief Luthuli
From: South Africa Freedom News, Dar es Salaam, November 30, 1964
01 Jan 1965 Denial of Talks Between ANC and PAC
From: Spotlight on South Africa, Dar es Salaam, January 1, 1965
01 Oct 1970 Scandinavian Opposition to Apartheid
Note: This paper was prepared at the request of the UN Special Committee against Apartheid and published in October 1970 in the
13 Apr 1971 Paul Robeson and Africa
Paper delivered at a symposium on "Paul Robeson and the Afro-American Struggle", held at the Academy of Arts, Berlin, in the German Democratic Republic, on April 13-14, 1971. From African Communist, No. 46, Third Quarter 1971.
26 Nov 1976 Social Democracy and the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa
Statement at the Congress of the Socialist International, Geneva, November 26-28, 1976
25 Mar 1977 So long as there is Apartheid and Racism, there can be no Peace
Statement in the United Nations Security Council, March 25, 1977
10 Apr 1978 Statement at Meeting of UN Special Committee against Apartheid on the 80th Birthday of Paul Robeson
Statement by Mfanafuthi (Johnny) Makatini, ANC Representative at the United Nations, at the meeting of the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid, on the 80th Birthday of Paul Robeson
10 Apr 1978 Tribute to Paul Robeson on his 80th Birthday
Statement by Leslie O Harriman (Nigeria) at a special meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid to pay tribute to Paul Robeson on his 80th birthday
11 Oct 1979 Prisoners of Apartheid
Statement submitted to the United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity with the South African Political Prisoners, October 11, 1979
06 Feb 1985 Interview with Zimbabwe Herald
Oliver Tambo
22 May 1986
Broadcast by Oliver Tambo on Radio Zambia, May 1986
10 Jun 1986 Statement by Oliver Tambo on Zambian Television
June 1986
01 Apr 1987 Escape from Pretoria
By Tim Jenkin
16 Dec 1987 Statement by Oliver Tambo on the 26th Anniversary of Umkhonto
18 Jul 1988 Free Nelson Mandela
An Account of the Campaign to Free Nelson Mandela
19 Oct 1989 Message by Joe Slovo to the Soweto Rally for the Released ANC Leaders, 1989
21 Apr 1998 Statement of the ANC Secretary General on the death of Isithwalandwe-Seaparankoe Trevor Huddleston
31 Dec 1999 Millennium Message by Deputy President Jacob Zuma


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