How to reach the University of Fort Hare

The finding aids of the collections are (for the most part) accessible on the Internet.

However serious research does involve a visit to the archive at the University of Fort Hare in Alice. An appointment should be made with the Librarian for ANC records, or the Director of Nahecs for PAC, Azapo, BCM or NEUM records. Air travel goes from all main airports to East London where a shuttle is available to Fort Hare.

A City to City bus service stops at the University gate and runs from Johannesburg overnight to Alice which is located 60 km north of King Williams Town, 20 km south of Fort Beaufort and about 100 km north-east of Grahamstown. Translux or Greyhound overnight bus services from Cape Town stop at King Williams Town where it is possible to take a regular taxi or order an individual taxi service. Accommodation is available at a pleasantly situated B & B in Alice about 2 km from the University, or in the Hogsback, 30 km away for those with their own transport.

Access to the Archives

The ANC records are located at the University Library while the PAC, Azapo, BCM and NEUM records are held at Nahecs building adjacent to the Art Gallery. A prior phone conversation with the archivist establishing what is the particular interest of the researcher is helpful in preparing material.

The bulk of the records are those of the missions or offices that were set up around the world by the political parties. They are held in numbered folders and placed according to subject and series in numbered boxes. The numbering system is a simple one, with no sub-sections. The finding aid for each collection is posted on the web and if the researcher consults this it may then be possible for the archivist to search for the required records. They can then communicate by e-mail, telephone or fax. Photocopies are priced at 50c per page and faxes at R1.00 per page.

Anyone wanting to use the archive must leave all bags with the main desk and bring only writing materials with them. All sign a reader's register.


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