Women known to have attended the inaugural conference of the Federation of South African Women (FSAW) and the organisations which they represented(1)

Cape Town and area:

  1. Dora Tamana - ANCWL, Retreat Women's Vigilance Association.
  2. Esther Nose - Retreat Women's Vigilance Association.
  3. Emma Razone - Nyanga Women's Vigilance Association.
  4. Albertina Gwenkane - Nyanga Women's Vigilance Association.
  5. Rosie Mpetha - Nyanga Women's Vigilance Association.
  6. Annie Silinga - ANCWL, Langa Women's Vigilance Association.
  7. Winifred Seqwana - ANCWL, Langa Women's Vigilance Association.
  8. Gladys Smith - Cape Housewives' League.
  9. Katie White - Guardian Christmas Club.
  10. Hetty McLeod - Cape Factory Workers Committee.
  11. Hilda Lotz
  12. Freda von Rheda - Food and Canning Workers Union.
  13. Mabel Jones - African Food and Canning Workers Union, Worcester.
  14. Elizabeth Mafeking - African Food and Canning Workers Union, Paarl
  15. Betty Kearus/T. Steenkamp - African Food and Canning Workers Union, Paarl.
  16. Ray Alexander - COD.
  17. Cecelia Roosier - COD


  1. Cecilia A.N. Kuse - ANCWL.


  1. Fatima Meer - SAIC.
  2. Bertha Mkize - ANCWL.
  3. Henrietta Ostrich - African Women's Association.

East London:

  1. Martha Nqxesha - African Food and Canning Workers Union.


  1. Hetty du Preez - Garment Workers' Union, no. 2.
  2. Lilian Ngoyi - ANCWL.
  3. Rica Hodgson - COD.
  4. Rahima Moosa - SAIC.
  5. Helen Joseph - COD.
  6. Ida Mtwana - ANCWL.
  7. Josie Palmer - Transvaal All-Women's Union.
  8. Hilda Watts - COD.
  9. Amina Cachalia - SAIC.


  1. Sister M. F . Thompson - ANCWL.

Port Elizabeth:

  1. Florence Matomela - ANCWL.

1. The founding conference of the FSAW was held in the Trades Hall, Johannesburg, on 17 April 1954. The conference elected a National Executive Committee (NEC) consisting of the following:

Ida Mtwana
Vice Presidents:
Gladys Smith
Lilian Ngoyi
Bertha Mkize
Florence Matomela
Ray Alexander
Hetty McLeod
Elizabeth Mafeking, Dora Tamana, Katie White, Freda van Rheede, Annie Silinga, Louisa Mtwana, Cecilia Rosier, Winifred Siqwana, K. Egelhof (Cape Town), Hilda Watts, Hetty du Preez, Albertina Sisulu, Helen Joseph (Rand), Frances Baard, Miss Njonwe, Chrissie Jasson (Port Elizabeth), Fatima Meer (Durban), Miss M.F. Thompson (Kimberley).

Source: Women and Resistance in South Africa, Cherryl Walker, Onyx Press, London, 1982


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