Paul Robeson's Message to the Conference of the African National Congress(1)

December 1954

In America the position of your Government has been subjected to the sharpest criticism in he general Press and especially among Americans of African descent. We shall do all we can immediately to move great masses into the struggle behind you. This can be done.

Americans are being forced to see a new world coming on - a new world getting stronger and stronger. They see hundreds of millions in India pressing on. They have seen 600 million of the Chinese people become a major Power. They see new People's Democracies leaping into struggles for their freedom. So they understand your aspirations, and great sections of opinion here can, and must, be moved into action in the United Nations, through our Council(2) and in many parallel ways.

There should be, and must be, much closer and stronger bonds between us because of the very nature of our common struggle for human decency and dignity, for the welfare of all men, and for an enduring peace based upon democratic cooperation among all peoples. I shall continue to do all that I can towards the strengthening of these bonds and towards the final achievement of these goals.

We come from a mighty, courageous people, creators of great civilisations in the past, creators of new ways of life in our own time and in the future. We shall win our freedoms together. Our folk will have their place in the ranks of those shaping human destiny.

1. New Age, Cape Town, December 23, 1954
2. The Council on African Affairs, led by Paul Robeson, worked for many years to promote support by American people to the struggles for freedom in Africa.


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