Timeline: 1977

Date Title
25 Mar 1977 So long as there is Apartheid and Racism, there can be no Peace
Statement in the United Nations Security Council, March 25, 1977
08 May 1977 Tribute to M.P. Naicker, May 8, 1977
20 May 1977 There is no Middle Ground in Southern Africa Between Oppressors and the Oppressed
Speech at the United Nations Conference in Support of the Peoples of Zimbabwe and Namibia, Maputo, May 20, 1977
16 Jun 1977 Let us Advance our Liberation Struggle
Leaflet distributed by 'leaflet bomb', Johannesburg, June 1977
22 Aug 1977 Struggle against Apartheid is a Universal Cause
Speech at the World Conference for Action against Apartheid, Lagos
01 Sep 1977 Report of the Southern Africa Mission of the Socialist International
01 Dec 1977 The Maturing of the Revolutionary Process, 1971-1977
Postcript to the Indian edition of History of the Communist Party of South Africa: Fifty Fighting Years, 1921-1971 by A. Lerumo. New Delhi: People's Publishing House, 1978
16 Dec 1977 1978: Anti-Apartheid Year
Leaflet Distributed by 'Leaflet Bomb', Cape Town, December 1977


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